Red Sun at Morning

a webcomic

When Dr. Keller went searching for his missing mentor, he knew to expect the unexpected.

But he didn’t expect to end up on an alien planet that ignored the laws of physics, or plan on falling in with two unlucky thieves and a magical chicken. And he most certainly didn’t anticipate becoming embroiled in a haphazard scheme to overthrow a mad queen and just maybe save the world.

To expect the unexpected was one thing—but how could he expect what he couldn’t possibly have imagined?

Red Sun at Morning was an original webcomic concept that was development from 2011-2018. After undergoing multiple revisions to improve the story, character designs, and art, the comic served as the basis of my senior capstone project. It is currently on hold undergoing further revisions.

This comic has been my main creative outlet over the last several years, and has allowed me to experiment with composition, character design, anatomy, architecture, perspective, and many other challenging aspects of illustration. The following images demonstrate some of the rough sketches, concept art, and artistic experimentation involved in the making of Red Sun at Morning.