Emma Mathes aka Eaven
artist, nerd, generally creative person

If you need a creative and nerdy designer for your next project, look no further!

I’m an organized and enthusiastic artist with a strong eye for detail and a fascination with digital media. Working on front-end web design, digital art, and graphic design is my passion, and I’m pretty great at sketching, taking notes, and visually communicating ideas (seriously, you should see my planner). I pick up new software and skills very quickly and always look to learn new things and challenge myself to grow as a designer.

My past projects include illustrating the book Healing Hope—Through and Beyond Cancer by Dr. Wendy Harpham. Available on Amazon.

A few things about me…

nicknamed ``typewriter`` because of my ridiculously neat handwriting

avid twice-weekly Dungeons & Dragons player

currently writing a webcomic for fun

proud parent to a furry gremlin

very large rock collection

makes resin dice sets

tea enthusiast