superhero design

Quasar was a superhero designed in 2014 in collaboration with my friend Daniel Colina.

I drew the character over a three-day period as a submission for the superhero design scholarship competition sponsored by Element X Creative and A Bunch of Short Guys. My entry later won first place.


(aka Quinlan “Quinn” Black)

Quinlan immigrated to the United States from Ireland when he was a teenager, earning a doctorate in Quantum Physics and leading his own team of scientists in black hole research by the time he was in his twenties. During a test of their gravitational containment unit, an electrical storm compromised the device and resulted in the deaths of all except Quinn and his assistant. They fought to regain control of the black hole generated by the device, but their efforts were in vain as Quinn was trapped in the unit as it overloaded, altering him beyond repair.

Now stuck inside a modified containment suit to keep himself alive and avoid mass destruction, Quinn spurns human interaction as much as possible. However, his self-imposed exile is disturbed when he becomes the object of fascination for the supposed ‘hero’ Fulgor, a narcissistic and power-hungry heir to a technology empire who seeks to brand Quasar as the villian in his increasingly public displays of heroism.

Unwillingly dragged into a bitter rivalry, Quasar is terrified of the destructive forces he wields, but has no choice but to fight back as Fulgor begins to tear apart what little life he has left.


Quasar can create large pockets of intense gravity, concussive blasts of force, and a nearly inescapable gravitational pull when his suit is breached. With enough concentration he can occasionally create localized time warps.